Who takes your photos?
All photos on my blog are taken by myself unless stated otherwise.
What camera do you use?
Canon 450d
How do you edit your photos?
I use photoshop. There isn't really a set way that I usually edit them, they're always differently every time.
How do you take your photos?
I use a tripod

What is your favorite charity shop?
My favourite kind of charity shops are local hospices because they don't throw much away unlike places like RSPCA and British Heart Foundation (still good charity's, they just throw away all the unusual stuff) My favourite charity shop that they have all over the country is probably The Salvation Army.
How do you find such great stuff at charity shops?
There are around 40 charity shops in my surrounding area which I visit regularly so I guess the chances of finding stuff is higher than if theres only a few charity shops where you live.
What is your favorite high street store?
I love topshop.. along with everyone else in the world but its so great. I only ever buy when theres a sale though because I can't afford it.

How do you do your hair?
I wave or curl it with straighteners, my hair is usually really flat and straight. I also use a mini crimper on the roots to make it have more volume.
What products do you use on your hair?
Salon Chic So Smooth hair protecting spray and Bristows extra strong hairspray.
What is your natural hair colour?
Dark Brown.
What straighteners do you use?
What do you use to bleach your hair?
Live XXL Platinum.

What makeup do you use?
Benefit Concealer or Miss Sporty Concealer in the lightest colour available, Translucent Rimmel Matte Powder, 2True Liquid Eyeliner, Benefit Bad Gal Mascara, Benefit Contour Eye kit, and any blusher I have lying around.
How do you keep your skin so clear?
Its really not very clear at all I have really oily skin and I find any cleansing products just irritate it and make it produce even more oil so instead I just use baby wipes to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin once in the morning and once at night, and also I sometimes use a cucumber clay mask or the Boots mud mask.

How tall are you?
I'm 5ft 3/ 160cm tall
What music do you listen to?
My favourite bands are Marilyn Manson, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, BFMV and Slipknot.
Why do you call your Mum, Mom?
Because everyone where I live says "Mom" The only people I know who say "Mum" come from miles away, I really don't understand why everyone gets so worked up over this.
How much do you weigh?
7-8 stone, I guess it changes depending on how much pizza I've eaten that week hurhur.
Why haven't you answered my question?
Because I have a lot of messages I'm sorry :(
Are you in a relationship?
Yes my boyfriends blog is
When is your birthday?
5th March
How did you become so popular on the internet?
I am not entirely sure o_o

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